I am a development applied micro-economist passionate about generating knowledge and change where it’s needed the most. I have experience across a wide range of fields and countries. In particular, on impact evaluation, welfare analysis, education & skills, informality & labor markets, child & forced labor, and gender/race/ethnic inequality. I have also experience with survey design and implementation, data analysis and visualization, econometric analysis and machine learning methods. 
 Currently, I have been working exploring machine learning’s ability to transition to One-to-One (personalized) social policy and understanding issues related to fragility, conflict, and violence in Bolivia. I have done research on the dynamics of poverty, inequality, and mobility; the development of micro-simulation models for welfare analysis and forecasting; intended or unintended treatment effects of social, labor market, and education policies; learning gaps, and economic and social returns to education. I published research articles in academic refereed journals, three books, book chapters, working papers and policy reports for several international organizations, which can be found in my attached CV.


Fraud Fingerprints in the 2019 Bolivian Presidential Election

Schooled but Uneducated. Who are Being Left Behind in Education in LAC? (Presentation)

Inducing Cooperation In Fragmented Societies: Experimental Evidence From Bolivia

The Human Capital Illusion: Are there returns to schooling on development goals

Meta-analysis of ILO interventions in Latin America and the Caribbean on child labor, forced labor and human trafficking

Evaluation Office. International Labor Organization, January 2020